China Carbide Cutting Tools Product introduction Corn teeth milling cutter, also known as corn stick milling cutter Bai, also known as scaly milling cutter, surface Du is dense spiral reticulate, groove is relatively shallow, Zhi is generally used for processing some functional materials and other materials, especially for some carbon fiber Kavlar materials (such as the outer shell of aircraft wing) glass fiber and other composite materials.The cutting edge of the whole scale carbide milling cutter is composed of many cutting units. The cutting edge is sharp, which greatly reduces the cutting resistance, and can realize high-speed cutting. It can achieve the effect of milling instead of grinding, improve the processing efficiency and surface quality of composite materials, and prolong the service life of the milling cutter. Application Electrical board, circuit board, epoxy board, PCB board, etc Characteristic Using high quality tungsten carbide alloy cutter body and advanced grinding technology, the cutting tool has the characteristics of no chip, low heat and smooth finish. Product Specification SHK(mm)CED(mm)CEL(mm)LOA(mm) 3.1751.0738 3.1751.5838 3.17521138 3.1752.51238 3.1753.1751238 3.1753.1751238 3.1753.1751738 3.1753.1752245 3.1753.1752545 441745 442245 442550 442850 443255 662250 662550 662860 663260 664275 665285 882560 883575 884275 885290 10104275 101052100 Remarks锛歸e can make them as your demand. Prodection details Advantages 1. Exquisite technology: it is made of high-precision equipment, combined with the technology and design, can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of product processing. 2. High quality raw materials: high quality tungsten carbide raw materials are used for high-precision grinding and polishing. Sharp blade, smooth chip removal and wear resistance. 3. Grinding process: fine polishing, rough relief, good finisn 4. Independent packaging: excellent packaging configuration, better tool protection. FAQ Q1:When can I get the price? A.We will get back to you within two working days Q2:When you can reply to me when I send you an Inquiry? A.We promise to reply within 24 hours( including holidays) on receipt of your inquiry.China Carbide Cutting Tools website: