It's not clear if players will be able to choose different races for each class in the future The developer is yet to Lost Ark Gold make any official announcement on that matter.

One of the main benefits of the majority of MMORPGs is the ability to make guilds and friends online. Guilds can be a fantastic way to keep all of them together and coordinate events.

Forming a guild for Lost Ark is fairly simple and can be completed as soon as players leave their prologues and have the required amount of gold. The game throws many challenges at players after they exit the prologue, and so the information about guilds can surely be lost among the vast amount of information.

To open the tab for guild click Alt+U, select "Community" at the bottom right corner of your map. Click "Guild" in the menu that pops up. This will bring up the guild screen. It will show you all of the guilds which are seeking members. Guilds can include up to 30 members to start.

To form a guild, you'll need 2,000 sterling. When you're in the Guild tab, check the top of the page and click "Create Guild." Put in a name for the guild, an explanation, and after your click "Create Guild," your guild will be formed. When you're creating a new guild, you can keep the "Add to Suggested Guilds ' List" enabled so that your guild will appear on the list of suggested guilds. Members can then ask to join your guild , or join the guild immediately.

Once the guild has been established, you can handle it via clicking the icons at the top of the screen and then choosing "Manage." While there you can edit the flag, modify the name of the guild, alter the guild leader, control join settings, and Lost Ark Power leveling so on.