We recommend the Serie A version over the Bundesliga one FIFA 23 Coins. Not only is Serie A better this year, Fiorentina is better than VFB this season, so the potential for upgrades is so much higher! The SBC is really popular with the community. 

At least 80% of users gave FUTBIN a thumbs up. The price is currently 110,000 coins, which is more than fair for the stats and the option to choose between two cards.With Fodder in the club, the card is as good as free. Two teams must be submitted for the SBC. Here are the requirements:

FIFA 23 has already been on the market for several months, but that doesn't change the fact that you can still change your club name. So which club name do you want to make history with in FIFA 23? That's why we've first listed the best FUT club names and then look at how you can give your club a new name. Here we go:

A good club name shows style. In this article we show you the best club names in FIFA 23. Whether in the Weekend League, Division Rivals or Squad Battles: Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA 23. And if you love playing FUT, your club name will probably be important to you too.

Let's be honest: You don't just want to grind in FUT Champions and get the best rewards, you also want to have a really awesome club. In addition to nice jerseys, the club name is also part of it. The FIFA community has come up with some hilarious ideas in this context - we'll also suggest a few names for you.

Just in advance: If you have already chosen a name and now realize that you want to use one of our creative suggestions, that's no problem at all. Because you can also change the club name in FIFA 23, we'll explain that to you after we've cheapest FUT 23 Coins listed the coolest names.