llow Monthly or Weekly Top 10 highlight recap in MyCareer and MyLeague. No more grinding! Let us the privilege of entering the draft at the most and not a 60 entire in a 78. (Lebron James as a rookie was rated a 78 in the ESPN baseball match and is now the greatest NBA player of 2K21 MT this generation) Allow attribute upgrades and badge updates to be more easily attainable. Allow us the privilege to ADD and REMOVE curls, goggles and face masks from players that are created in addition to NBA players. Allow created players tattoos' liberty. It increases the total experience of this game.the opportunity to perform for a nationwide team of our picking inside MyLeague and MyCareer. In MyLeague every four years we can decide what national team we wish to control. In MyCareer every 4 years we should find the option to determine whether we want to participate or not. It will increase the game's total experience.

Add the feature. I know somebody already commented this, but I'd like to add more of a reason to why it should be in the sport and what it must look like. First off it'd make life so much simpler and save as much time and effort if we can tune our builds up instead of wasting more of our cash and making a whole one. Secondly, this feature should not give players the ability to recreate entire builds (e.g. change out of a PG playmaker into a C Glass) I believe that it should be a way for gamers to adjust their MyPlayers attributes after it was created to provide better badges or cartoons that this includes height, weight, wingspan, and possibly takeover.

Thirdly, I don't believe the VC used about the attributes ought to be reimbursed since the point I made in my second rationale is that respecing should let us fine-tune our players never create something brand new and understanding this community somebody will definitely find a VC glitch if it was reimbursed. I created my own build with this feature in my mind so that I just wanted to try to see so that I could adjust how the game played and didn't put much thought behind the invention of the build and my build for my play fashion and also it. I really don't know if anybody else also had this thought process but just wanted to put my own reason for needing it last.Our teammates seem as they have not played with basketball for at least 4 weeks. Offensive movement is clumsy and repetitive - spacing is off when freelancing out of a play. On quick breaks, your teammate is more likely to bring a pull that is contested up shot than an open three. I've seen defensive players stand by and watch competitions go on fast breaks, particularly past them. My big gripe here is that every team plays with essentially the exact same way. Run one or two plays for their star player and then everything goes off the rails as soon as that superstar player leaves the courtroom.

Defensively, they play man defense until my participant produces a few shots in a row (or has three assists) and I spend the rest of the match being double teamed on catch and being hauled off ball. It reduces me scoring 50 points on backdoor cuts since, once more, that the AI does not adapt. It does not matter the group, the coach, or even the playstyle. What are these trend sliders doing making the teams perform in a way that is unique? I'd much rather score 25 a game in many different ways, along with more assists than average 50 because if I want to find the ball I must backdoor all day. It ruins the buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins experience that is immersion and gameplay.