The art of romance is constantly changing - at least in terms of film trends. A few years ago, romance movies were full of drama and sadness. Remember Anne Hathaway being hit by a bus in one day? Hard times. But now, those days are over. The best romance movies of 2019 are full of laughter and romantic comedy, which has only recently appeared. So when you're looking for romance movies in 2019, get ready to laugh because they're on the air.

Not very romantic

Rebel Wilson plays a woman who despises comedy and follows all the standard comedy rules. Imagine how surprised she was when she woke up after being knocked down and found that her world had become like that. But in the process of living in hell, she also reminded herself that maybe it taught her what she had been missing.


Everyone knows the struggle under family pressure. In the picture, a young man is forced by his conservative grandmother to find a wife, but there is no solid prospect. An Indian persuades a stranger to stand in his fianc é e, although they don't want to find a real connection with each other.

Gloria bell

More seriously, Gloria bell plays the charming Julian Moore. She plays a man named Gloria on divorce é e, making full use of her married life. But in her adventure into Los Angeles nightlife, she finally found the role of John turturturo, who changed what Gloria's next stage of life should look like.


Of course, at first glance, "yesterday" is a love letter to the Beatles, but deep down, Jack Malik's new success is complicated by his apparent romantic relationship with his childhood friends. But when Jack started his career, he found himself in a dilemma between fame and love. As the Beatles once said... Love is everything you need

Long time shooting

Nothing is more impossible than finding out that your former nanny is secretary of state and plans to run for president of the United States, but hey, movies are not always realistic. The reason why long shot is so successful is that there is an inexplicable chemical reaction between Seth Logan and Charlize Theron. He's still the marijuana movie actor, but damn it, Seth Logan doesn't know how to watch comedy.