"We will be sharing more Lost Ark Gold information in the near future, as soon as we can get it. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard," the post concludes. A hotfix is expected to be out on Monday, 14th March.

In the last week, the game's developer removed more than a million Lost Ark accounts it believed were bots, stating that its team "has been working hard in the development of efficient methods and tools to eliminate robots out of the game" and admitting that "in this massive ban wave it's possible that a tiny fraction of players could be mistakenly identified by the game as being bots". This week, however, the team said this was "just one step in the ongoing battle" and is currently working on "internal methods and tools to make it more difficult for bots to enter games".

Lost Ark is now Steam's most popular game that is played the most concurrently. The massive March update is now here, introducing the aforementioned end-game raids and story quests, alongside a couple of additional treats that include the time-limited Arkesia racing event and the first season of PvP.

One of the initial World Bosses that Lost Ark Gold for sale Lost Ark players will face is Rudric who is a glaive-wielding gigantic with a glowing corncob-shaped helm. It is necessary for players to defeat Rudric to finish the single boss of their regional Adventurer's Tome for Rethramis. This World Boss will drop valuable epic loot upon defeat like items from the Cruel Reaper Set and armor pieces of the Enhanced Desert Prison Set. Additionally, battling this boss is a good way to acquire rare Collectibles required for the Adventurer's Tome including Portal Stones as well as Aguiloss's Skins. To locate Rudric, Lost Ark fans should head toward the Rethramis Border.