Many buyers do not know how to use mobile phone queries after purchasing 4g lte vehicle device, some did not learn when buying, some bought the locator from the car decoration shop, the seller is not how, and some of the car was originally with a gps locator, do not know how to use, can not use.

In fact, 4g lte vehicle device is not directly connected to the mobile phone, the use of mobile phone to query the gps location of the car first requires the support of the gps location platform, the mobile phone is through the GPS server background to retrieve GPS data. The 4g lte vehicle device also continuously uploads location data to the GPS server. So if you want to know how to connect the car gps to the mobile phone, you must first understand which gps positioning platform the locator uses.

GPS vehicle monitoring system is established based on the satellite integrated information operation service platform. GPS vehicle monitoring system can access GPS terminal and Beidou terminal at the same time, forming seamless coverage to meet the needs of different users. The system can provide customers with location query, real-time monitoring (image monitoring), command and dispatch, alarm help, information release and many other practical functions

Therefore, if you want to connect the 4g lte vehicle device to the mobile phone, you must first find the GPS platform that can access the network locator, and the simplest way is to directly contact the seller for consultation

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