precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors are widely used for flue gas purification, and the dust removal rate is not only related to the performance of the filter material itself, but also related to the internal structure and operating conditions of the dust collector. The inner baffle and baffle of the dust collector can change the airflow distribution and homogenize the flow rate of the flue gas, so that the cloth bag can be fully utilized. Whether the flue gas velocity field is uniform in the dust collector box can not be known and can not be calculated.

precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors debugging to master the following points:

First, debugging content: the host usually refers to the complex structure of the precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors, auxiliary devices and fans. Auxiliary machinery refers to the mechanical equipment supporting the function of the main engine, including: dust output facilities, including: star discharger, screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor and dust reuse equipment; precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors vibration cleaning device, pulse cleaning device, rotary reverse blowing cleaning device, hopper vibration device, etc.; Compressed air and pressure taking device; Other related equipment and control display instruments;

Second, debugging rules: the single test should be in the no-load state (when cut off the link with the dust collection system) to assess the function of the single machine. Adopt practical means to evaluate the installation quality of single machine, including: the installation method should conform to the design and specifications, to meet the needs of the host; Operating parameters (voltage, current, revolution, vibration frequency), in line with the design regulations; During the operation of the single machine, there is no abnormal sound such as periodic jamming and continuous heating. Single test time should not be less than 4 hours; precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors must meet single operating conditions.

Third, debugging results: debugging process complete and accurate debugging records. The debugging records shall include: name, specification and model of the single equipment, performance indicators (voltage, current, revolution), operation performance, debugging conclusion, signature of the debugger and debugging date. Different opinions should also be recorded in the debugging conclusion; The debugging records are included in the device installation file.

precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors Located in the negative pressure end of the fan, the dust collector adopts a multi-chamber structure, and has a bag room separated from each other. When a bag is cleaned, the off-line valve is controlled, so that the filter bag is cleaned, the dust falls into the ash hopper, and the dust is transported away through the ash transport and ash discharge device, and the purified gas flows through the dust filter bag pores and is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. In the total resistance of the single bag dust collector, the resistance of the horn tube at the compressed air nozzle occupies a corresponding proportion, and the resistance of the horn tube will increase significantly after the filtration speed is increased.

precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors belongs to the mechanical jitter dust collector, its basic structure is composed of three parts: fan, filter and dust collector, each part is installed in a vertical frame, steel shell, baking paint rust prevention, easy to operate and use. Fan adopts centrifugal fan, large air volume, high wind pressure, and adopts noise reduction measures, low noise. The filter adopts flat cloth bag group, each cloth bag is equipped with spring steel wire mesh, the filtering effect is good. The flyaway mechanism uses the motor to drive the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod to make the cloth bag shake and stick to the dust on the surface of the filter bag. The dust collector is equipped with an access door for easy maintenance and bag changing.

precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors. The precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors are adopted. After the skeleton is extracted during bag changing, the dirty bag is put into the ash hopper at the lower part of the box and taken out from the manhole, thus improving the operation conditions of bag changing. The box of the single bag dust collector adopts the air-tight design, the sealing property is good, the sealing material of the inspection door is excellent, the leak is detected by kerosene during the production process, and the air leakage rate is very low. The inlet and outlet air passage of the single bag dust collector is compact, and the airflow resistance is small.

precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors The precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors combine the advantages of separate chamber reverse blowing and pulse jet dust cleaning, overcome the disadvantages of insufficient strength of separate chamber reverse blowing, pulsed jet dust cleaning and filtration at the same time. Therefore, the scope of application of single bag dust collector is expanded, because the structure of this type of dust collector has its characteristics, it improves the dust collection rate and extends the service life of the filter bag.

precautions for the use of industrial dust collectors