As it is clear from the subject head, this read will help you understand the Metamask wallet which is designed as the most amazing way to go for keeping your Ethereum and other ERC20-based cryptos safe. That’s right, 

So we thought, you should know about how to get this wallet extension and create a MetaMask login account for yourself as it is equipped with all the great features you might find in a wallet service. Also, this wallet is a browser extension compatible with Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers.

Getting the wallet extension for a MetaMask login account

Well, you learned in the above section that there are four browser variants compatible with the wallet extension and that will help in making the installation procedure a little easier. However, this part of the read will help you with installing the wallet extension on Chrome:

  1. Head on to the official site for the MetaMask service.
  2. Spot and tap on the “Download” option key as you see it.
  3. Choose the “Chrome” icon display as you get redirected.
  4. “Add to Chrome” and “Add Extension” are your next choices.

Note: Users who do not spend much time with desktops or laptops, can go on to access the mobile application version to use their MetaMask login accounts.

Performing the steps of setting up a wallet password

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the explicit steps laid down to set up an account password on the MetaMask wallet extension:

  1. Launch the wallet portal post installation.
  2. “Get Started” and tap the option that reads “Create a Wallet”.
  3. Carefully read through the given “Terms of Use”.
  4. Agree to the terms and save a wallet password.
  5. Confirm your agreement to the terms and “Create”.

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This exclusively short but detailed read has been carefully crafted to help you understand the idea behind the existence of the MetaMask wallet. We have procured the detailed steps that help you with installing the MetaMask browser extension followed by the steps that you’d have to perform to set up a password and acquire a MetaMask login account for yourself.