Such a control aims to handle cases where the current changes create problems because there isn’t any mentioning of them in the long back made sheets of specifications and conditions.




External documents are documents having information beneficial for the Quality Management System (QMS) , ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore but are issued by an external entity. Example: customers, legislators, suppliers, regulators or business partners.


The first thing that should be done is to distinguish the information:


(1) Information that has to be retained, say records for instance.


(2) Information that has to be maintained, say documents for instance.


Records issued by the external entity could be a report, a certificate or an order. So, we as a company must be prepared with relevant rules and records for justification. 

Documents, however, are determined to be specifications or standards or rules or instructions or legislation’s for instance. So, in this case, there should be awareness in terms of preparations for the usage of the externally provided information. 




 ISO 9001 Consultants in Bangalore - Documents of external origin relevant for a QMS have a particular challenge not applicable for records.


(1) How do you know if the document is still updated or not?

(2) If the document was changed, what are the implications? Do the changes in the document imply changes in the practices of the company. 

(3) Who will investigate those implications?

(4) How do we know if a new relevant document was issued?




This is true that external documents play an important role and their safety and maintaining these could be extremely beneficial in every aspect for a company. ISO 9001 Implementation in Bangalore, their importance is going to increase in the business world sooner because there are complex business collaborations happening and the market is also growing day-by-day. 


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