A sex doll is an adult solid sex doll that replaces real people to meet sexual needs. In the current state of imbalance between men and women, the use of Love Doll has greatly solved the needs of singles. Be sure to choose dolls produced by LovedollShops, a reliable quality manufacturer, so that you can experience them safely and with confidence.

LovedollShops wants to provide users with various types of Tpe Dolls For Sale. Many users are inexperienced in using dolls and maybe too tight to get in. For friends who are using Sex dolls for the first time, do you have any tips?

When you receive a physical doll, keep it in a cool place. Before the first use, be sure to clean the Sex doll, so that some bacteria can be eliminated. We can use disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, or medical disinfectants with 95% alcohol content.

Generally speaking, the quality of Sex Doll is getting closer and closer to a real person. In the first use, if no lubricating oil is used, it will feel difficult to enter. Sufficient lubricating has a good friction feeling, and can quickly reach the best state.

In the process of using, whether you wear a condom or not, remember to wash it after the end so that you can use it next time. Cleaning is responsible for yourself and the doll.

After using the physical doll, you need to clean the inside of the doll's vagina with clean water and disinfect the doll. After disinfection, wash it with warm water, dry the surface, or dry it naturally, and save it for future use.

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