Lost Ark players who notice lower success Lost Ark Gold in upgrading their items around level 1,350 will feel relief when they reach level 1,370, as it becomes easier to upgrade gear with different resources that aren't available at this item level. Asmongold has pointed out that this creates the "rich become more richer" situation where the players with higher levels of items are able to upgrade their gear faster and generate more money through objects which "make your Lost Ark characters more powerful." While Asmongold acknowledged the few players who manage to reach 1,370 and Lost Ark raids without paying an actual amount to achieve it, he also believes it is a ridiculous amount of time to hit such an extremely high level of item.

Asmongold is one of many Twitch streamers best place to buy Lost Ark Gold who have declared Lost Ark a pay-to-win game since its Western release, as he believes that upgrading the level of an item is intrinsically a form of pay to win and has also declared that certain Lost Ark players feel it's important to pay money to upgrade their equipment. According to the most popular Twitch streamer, this pay-to-win essence is more evident with the conditions that come with The Argos Abyssal Raid which is the reason it's become an issue with the game for certain players. Since Smilegate has released the Argos raid in conjunction with Lost Ark's March patch, the creator may be looking at fan feedback such as Asmongold's to make the content more balanced in a subsequent update.