The Nier Re [in] Carnation event is coming soon. NieR Re [in] carnation will now have a Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, and players will be excited to find out. From new characters and related outputs to new quests, there will be plenty of fun for everyone. And players can also prepare enough FFXIV Gil to have more fun.

FFXIV has hosted many events over the years, and now Nier is taking part. Several new costumes have been added to the game, each of which (categorized as a new character to get) will be based on work done in Final Fantasy XIV. For starters, Rion’s new outfit will be based on the White Mage job, which players can earn by acquiring the “Phantasmal Exile” character.

Noelle’s character will be named “Phantasmal Weapon”, which will be based on the Dragoon job and feature a similar style of gear. The Dark Knight job is also getting references to the character “Phantasmal Prisioner” in the game, which will be used in the 063y variant. As can be seen, these characters are very stylish, and players will no doubt enjoy trying to gain them throughout the campaign.

The event officially kicks off on May 10th and will run until June 13th, so there’s plenty of time to try out everything the event offers. Speaking of what the event offers, players can also take part in the event’s brand new quests, and Hades will appear in the quests. After waiting for NieR Re [in] carnation, FFXIV fans playing the game will soon indulge in all that this inspired event offers. For more news, players can follow IGGM and buy enough FFXIV Gil on it to have more fun.