Path of Exile Patch 3.18 will be a big change, it doesn't contain any Ascendancy, skill trees, nerfs, or buffs for items or gems and the game balance is very delicate. The latest patch will also be completely different from POE 3.17

Monster Mods

Following the success of the Archnemesis League, GGG has removed all mods from past leagues and replaced them with the updated mod classification introduced by Archnemesis. This change is very important for many endgame players, including veteran players.

The new monster mods are now color-coded and easy to read, which allows for quicker identification of threats and saves your character from many deaths that could have been easily avoided. The increased difficulty also means that players need more POE Chaos Orbs to enhance character skills.

Due to the difficulty rating of Archnemesis mods, monster experience and loot will also be scaled according to the difficulty of the monster mods rather than their relative proportional size. This can make higher-level maps more valuable, but also more dangerous for mobs with synergistic Archnemesis mods.

Challenge reward

One of the reasons players are returning to the new leagues is the challenge reward system, which also got a nice change in 3.18. In 3.18, the early challenge milestones are now easier to achieve, as they lowered the 12 and 24 challenge milestones to 6 and 12.

GGG has also added more milestones along with their rewards so players can get to the last few milestones without going all the way. The Sentinel League challenge reward includes two sets of winged armor, which may be the first time GGG has received such a reward from a challenge.

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