The new season is coming and spring is coming. It's time to clean up the expired beauty products in the bathroom cabinet and supplement your necessities with new skin care products to make your beauty game better. For those who have been looking for new brands to join your daily life, I am happy to introduce you to several new beauty brands.

In my opinion, beauty lies not only in how useful it is, but also in how pleasant it is. The skin care products listed below can not only refresh, clean, moisturize and lock water, but also be very pleasant to use. They will add a wonderful part to your home care experience.

Take time to pamper yourself. You can start with the best beauty brands you may not have tried and find new products you will like, because everyone has products at all prices, from cheap to luxury, and everything in between.

Peach and Lily

Korean beauty and skin care brand Peach & Lily is one of my favorite brands because its skin care method is very simple. I tried the glass skin discovery kit, which has four skin care steps: cleaning, toning, refining and moisturizing. If you're looking for a facial cleanser that won't dry your skin and replenish the necessary moisture, then it's what you want. All products have the right consistency, a little can go a long way. If I have to choose one of my favorite foods from a pile, it must be the antioxidant cream of Matcha pudding, because this half thick cream will melt and lock in moisture on your skin.

Peach slice

Peach slices's snail rescue is another great Korean beauty brand. I found that after using the "snail rescue trio", my anger obviously calmed down. Washing facial mask is definitely the most interesting product because of its gel consistency. It also softens my skin and maintains moisture. I'm no stranger to snail mucus or k-beauty, so when I see this brand, I know I'll like it. The added licorice (for black spots) is also good.


There are not many beauty brands that surprise me, but this is definitely one of them. I tried five products: glamglow supermud scavenger, glamglow thirstymud hydrating agent, glamglow brighteyes, glamglow glowstarter and glamglow brightmud. All these products have changed my skin from dull after a long flight to radiant. Two really compelling products are brightmud and glowstarter. Brightmud has strong exfoliating ability. It covered my face well, and it had a good fresh feeling because it dried quickly. Once I took it off my face, I felt and saw brighter skin. Then I used a luminous agent, which not only locked in the water, but also highlighted my skin with a beautiful shimmer. Of the two, I'll try the size of the illuminant.


This is a new brand in Japan. You may not have heard of it, but if you are looking for skin care products that can effectively clean your skin, you should take a look. This brand may be most suitable for people with dry skin. I know, so the effect is a little too good! Don't worry, I decided to continue using Regina cleansing oil, and my skin immediately felt softer. In both, I will choose cleansing oil, but if you know you have oily skin, cleansing oil will quickly solve this problem.

Right person

I'm not sure the serum in the cheat sheet will work, but I'm glad I've been using it because through continuous use, it cleans up annoying acne in several parts of my body. The use of mild acids, such as glycolic acid and lactic acid, can remove dead skin cells in the area of skin problems and make the skin brighter. When using this serum, remember that you must use it for a period of time to see the effect.