There are many ways to clean Sex Doll in the maintenance process. Many people will ask about cleaning. LovedollShops will summarize the questions and answer them for you. Love Doll is generally made of two materials, silicone dolls and TPE silicone dolls.

All silicone solid dolls have a high degree of simulation in terms of body and head carving. The advantages are that they produce less oil, feel refreshing, and are not easy to dye. The taste is also small and almost no taste. The disadvantage is that the touch is relatively hard, and once damaged, the repairability is poor.

TPE silicone dolls are relatively common, with high softness, strong repairability, reusability, and relatively cheap price. If there is damage, you can use a special repair agent to repair the damage to the doll. But easy to oil, users can use talcum powder to improve this problem.

If you are not sure what material your Lifelike Sex Dolls is made of, then you can look at the manual or consult the dealer. So, how to clean the silicone doll?

Silicone dolls also need to be sterilized after they are bought. I don't know if they can be sterilized with hot water. So can silicone dolls be soaked in hot water?

Silicone dolls can be soaked in hot water, or even scalded with boiling water, because silicone itself is a high-temperature resistant material, and the heat-resistant temperature is 250 degrees to 300 degrees, so there is no problem. In addition to using hot water, you can also wipe with alcohol, iodophor and other disinfectants. After wiping, rinse with water and wipe off the water.

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