This really is shady from 2K. Basically the newest gen version is gont be crap but they milk at least $60 out of all the individuals who can't manage the series away. The simple fact that you have to buy it twice or get the legend variant is whack. I am gonna wish to play NBA 2K21 MT Coins on current gen once it drops on sep 4th but why would I wanna grind my participant if it's gonna be wholly separate from next gen. Means to flip a shit match into much more of a garbage dumpster fire. They ought to make it so you must swipe your credit card any time you turn in your console. This company has been garbage forever return to skill points rather than this vc trash causing people to spend 100s of dollars rather than playing with the game.

So if I'm purchasing the console this year, do I want to buy the 24 version or the 8 version? That part is confusing. 24 is legend variant for PS5/XBXSX and you also get Dame copy for last gen. If you buy the 8 edition you get legend edition for Ps4/ XBX1 and Zion for next gen. But that's perplexing to me because when does it actually release...if I'm purchasing bodily, would I not have the ability to play NBA 2K with the mamba perks until it comes out? By 2K webpage"Physical copies of NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition Next Gen will incorporate a code to redeem to get an electronic replica of NBA 2K21 Standard Edition on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, within the same console family".

I don't intend on becoming Series X right away (my One operates just fine right now), will that impact my 2K experience in any way? I noticed you stated 2K was marketing them but are there any difference for next gen? I really don't see a point in purchasing the new console straight away so that I was just gonna find the standard edition on present gen. would you know when 2K22 (not a typo) would be backwards compatible? More of a query for your Xbox sub but I'm not certain if 2K is shit enough of a business to induce you to buy the next gen system to play NBA 2K. That should not be a issue if I get 22. Have you any idea if One players could be with Series X gamers? By way of example my buddy gets an X and if I live with the One, will we be able to perform together?

Current-gen and next-gen are different games. Major features are next-gen only. As their advertising phrase goes, it's"built from the floor up" almost literally. If you look at 2K15 and 2K14 2K continued to make them but Buy NBA 2K21 MT every year it was just a roster update to 2K13 some minor changes. Xbox One cannot run the next-gen game and cannot play that with Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X can run the current-gen game via backward compatibility and play that with Xbox One. Do you know what these"important new features" are? Don't wanna feel as though I am missing out but I don't know if I wanna spend $500 within an X when I don't truly need it.