Feeling sad about the Able sisters yet? It is a fact that their background is a bit out of place in a setting where gamers' most significant problems need to Animal Crossing Items do with expanding their McMansion. For those who feel like this type of backstory is too dark for Animal Crossing, don't worry--someone in the group should concur with you, because New Horizons retcons their backstory. While I think Mabel and Sable's parents continue to be very much dearly departed, as far as the match reveals, Label left the family business with her sisters' boon to begin her own designer brand"Labelle".

Nada, trauma. Feelings of betrayal and abandonment, zilch. Nope, reconciliation. New Horizons spins the sisters' history into something more optimistic, tying in with the match's tendency of turning Tom Nook into a sympathetic figure and creating the villagers significantly more straightforward and more easygoing. There's lots of mixed feelings about that going round the playerbase, and it is about time the Able sisters' backstory made a splash in that great big ongoing debate.

For folks looking to make crazy money off of bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Flick's the special visitor to look out for. But unlike Daisy Mae, who has been encouraging stalk market entrepreneurs to wake up before noon on Sundays, Flick's visits are entirely random. You are going to have to look at your island daily to see if he is shown up--that should not be hard, given that he is a bright reddish chameleon in punk leathers.

The good thing is that once Flick shows up, he stays a whole 24 hours on your own island, from 5 AM to 5 AM. Make no mistake: Flick is the better bargain by far when it comes to selling dollars. He will buy any insect out of you at 150 percent of the customary market worth --so that's 12,000 bells rather than 8,000 for tarantulas and 3,750 bells instead of 2,500 to Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells for sale get peacock butterflies. If you are trying to maximize your profits, save your rarer bugs for if Flick visits either your island or a very patient friend's.