Lost Ark is getting a new weekly update today, and while the update isn't huge, the downtime is basically the same as before. As before, maintenance begins at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST. The update will last for 4 hours, during which time players will not be able to play online.

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Unlike previous updates, this one is much smaller, won't feature any new changes, and only fixes one bug: a fix that prevented PvP leaderboards from loading on various servers.

If you've been playing Lost Ark lately, you may have run into this problem. Therefore, many players are very worried, because the leaderboard is a very important part of the Lost Ark Gold game, and players can use it to understand their ranking. However, many regions were affected by this bug, so the developers finally decided to fix the issue for good in weekly fixes.

While this update is small, don't be disappointed. The May update will be released next Thursday, so the developers will be rolling out a lot of very important stuff next week. There's a lot to look forward to in the May update. First, the new Destroyer Advanced Class will be added to the game, which will add characters such as Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer. In addition to this, there is the new Valtan Legion raid as well as the Deskaluda Guardian Raid.

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