Therefore, the following four points are summarized for your reference only:

First, look at the material of medical endoscope storage cabinet, in general, imported plexiglass is the preferred material for manufacturing storage cabinets, imported plexiglass acid resistance, corrosion resistance, while the appearance of the color is pearl white, and the overall color coordination with the hospital. The material of Huasheng endoscope storage cabinet is made of 5mm imported plexiglass. The surface is smooth, easy to clean and does not hide bacteria.

Second, looking at the function of silicone reservoir supplier, the storage cabinet must be set reasonably, and multi-layer racks should be configured, suitable for multiple or multiple endoscopes and biopsy forceps. In order to avoid inconvenience during storage and retrieval between various instruments, the suspension and corner fixing buttons should be placed in a free position to facilitate the use of medical personnel. The endoscope storage cabinet is equipped with matching hooks for various endoscopes.

Third, check whether silicone reservoir supplier has disinfection function. After the endoscope is cleaned and disinfected, it must be stored in a cabinet with disinfection function, otherwise the second use of the endoscope and its service life will be affected. The endoscope storage cabinet is disinfected by ultraviolet light and ozone, and the disinfection time is automatically controlled by microcomputer.

Fourth, check whether the silicone reservoir supplier has the air drying function to keep the space inside the cabinet dry and sterile, which also affects the sanitary condition of the endoscope for next use. The wet air of the bath is easy to grow a variety of bacteria, and the storage cabinet without air drying function will cause the endoscope and biopsy forceps after cleaning and disinfection to be re-infected with bacteria during storage.

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