For example exploration in EVE Echoes ISK For Sale is profitable, but it's all based on promoting the products. By not being able to sell sounds like it takes to fully experience that. Or if a person wants to be a dealer they can not actually do that. New players will want to try everything to get their feet wet and see what they like. All I am concerned about is that this is something which might push people off? I believe the eve universe is the second largest of any sport before dangerous that is elite. I don't want it to be vacant. This is merely. What are your ideas?

I believe that it serves a few functions. It means that newer gamers are guided lines that are particular down to get started. It should make Eve Echoes a bit less overpowering, although still giving advanced players the opportunity to jump straight into marketeering and business. Omega's reality is the fact that it's not things that players even use at the beginning. The Tech 7 lock is per month or three off via ability points, and the same is true for Advanced Ships which are behind those high tiers anyways. Advanced Modules are supporting tiers too, so new players will not experience any of these.

Advanced Skills require that you have a basis of Standard Skills so, again, this won't be encountered by players that are new. New players aren't very likely to want Industry off the bat, sure a few will, but many are likely to be learning how to fly and how to do basic professions etc.. Locking the sector and Industry indicates that these are"complex" careers, and needs to be tried later on after you've got a simple comprehension of what is going on. Additionally, it stops Auction House Creep (new gamers discovering super rare things, not knowing the value and hugely undercutting about the AH to earn a fast dollar - this really hurts the market).

You do bring up some good points which I didn't consider. You're right that these careers may not be for. I getting a comprehension of navigating and figuring out how the planet will be more of a priority. From the perspective of a noob: The first things I did (apart from the obvious fighting and loosing) in elite dangerous and EVE were hauling missions. All these, from what we know, at least, can be found even for alphas. In the echoes beta I needed around about a week before I dare to utilize the aspect of the marketplace.

Eve's PC community is different from echoes during beta. Throughout testing, feedback this was overwhelmingly positive, constructive, and most users on the sub were both optimistic with eachother. Buy EVE ISK online's neighborhood, or even more specifically, eve's community, is a bit more jaded, and stuffed with far more vitrol, shit posts and the occasional rant in CCP, there was a couple of times where that kind of attitude began to slide here however, fortunately always the minority. Whether that will remain after release in August who understands but, hopefully at the very least I'll be here to help still, I imagine it is going to get active.