It is important to know! In some higher education institutions, a student can pass the candidate minimum remotely, using the means to create a video conference. The feature was most relevant during the special quarantine regime in 2020. There are exemptions from the candidate minimum in 2022, as in previous years, those who have an accounting degree or who work at the department as an associate professor.


In order for you to be able to pass the candidate minimum in the applicant mode, the person will have to submit a special application to a specific department of any educational institution. The documentation will need you to indicate the name and code of your specialty, as well as contact details and indicate a possible method for notification of the results of the consideration of whether you will be attached to the institution or not. Also, you should attach to the application a document proving your identity and a diploma proving that you have a higher education.


Rules for passing the candidate minimum


If you receive a positive response that you will be assigned to the department, then an agreement will be concluded with the applicant, where the time for the exams will be prescribed (this can be either autumn or the weight of the current academic year, as well as the conditions for conducting.


Drawing up an abstract before passing the candidate's maximum


Before. How to pass this most important exam, the graduate student should prepare an essay, which will be done in history / philosophy, adhering to some fundamental provisions in terms of the field under study. Here are the requirements for an abstract:

  • The abstract should not retell the topic of research, which is revealed in the dissertation completed by the student.
  • The document should have a volume of no more than 16 pages in A4 format (approximately 40 thousand characters with spaces). There should be a list of used literature, applications, and a description of the structure of your work.
  • Registration takes place, as in ordinary scientific articles, with the obligatory citation of the applied literature.
  • The thresholds for the uniqueness of your work should be observed - from 80% originality of the text, as well as borrowing from one source of information no more than 3%.
  • There must be a printed brochure of the work ready for delivery.


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