What are the main reasons for the failure of many beauty salons?

Working in a beauty salon is not easy. In fact, almost 80% of salon enterprises closed down within 18 months after opening. In the face of competition on almost every street corner, how do you ensure that your beauty salon stands out from the crowd? Look at our list of 6 reasons why beauty salons fail and see what you can do to ensure that your beauty salon business remains ahead:

1. Low customer retention

For beauty salon owners, the cost of winning new customers is much higher than retaining old customers. Therefore, customer retention rate can determine the success or failure of salon business. If you really focus on the customer experience, it's easy to increase and maintain customer loyalty. From providing more personalized services to providing more flexible reservations, some small changes can bring huge returns. This will ensure that you avoid customer dissatisfaction in the short term and build a loyal customer base, which will promote your business in the coming years. This combination ensures that your business continues to grow.

2. High absenteeism

We all know what people are like. Clients miss appointments every day, but too many people don't come will be a devastating blow to your salon business. Automatic online booking tool can help solve this problem: if a customer cancels her eyebrow trimming appointment, you will not only be notified immediately, but others can fill her vacancy at the last minute without your participation. Although you can't control the commitment of customers, you can avoid wasting valuable time and money. After all, filling your vacancy will avoid business failure.

3. Aimless marketing

Understanding your target audience and building a brand suitable for them is the key to avoiding business failure. Many beauty salons fail because they do not fully optimize the marketing process; Ineffective and poorly targeted marketing will reduce brand awareness and business. Consider your target audience and, if necessary, use feedback to find out what they want from your service. For example, if your main client is a successful professional woman, you can advertise your salon as a place for powerful women to do their hair. The key is that your information should be consistent and attract your target market: failure to do this means that your business has failed.

4. Bad search engine optimization

If your company has bad SEO, how do people know you provide the best highlights? Salons with low Google ranking and poor website optimization have low popularity and fewer customers. This is the ultimate way of automatic failure. SEO optimization looks "technical" and difficult, leading many business owners to avoid it completely, but in fact it can be very easy. From increasing page speed to replacing text with video, you can make your website, in turn, your business, more clicks at any time. You don't need to be a computer genius to improve your SEO. All you need is Google and the right tools at your fingertips.

5. Not proactive in marketing

Effective marketing is not just about improving SEO. In addition to making your website easier to find and use, you must also actively promote your business. This is where many beauty salons fail. They think that as long as there is a good website, people will flock. Wrong. Don't do any positive promotion, such as sending newsletters, asking for customer recommendations, and competing on Facebook, will definitely bring your business to a standstill. Be proactive and make sure you shout the quality service of your salon on the roof!

6. No automatic tools are used

Many business owners are so trapped by daily administrative affairs that they can't devote their time to the most important thing: building their own business. This is a huge mistake. In today's digital world, automated tools allow you to focus on big ideas, such as your marketing strategy, rather than trivial things like sending appointment reminders. Let a business tool like shore become your digital genie, and you may see your enterprise's Christmas coming early!