As the types of sex dolls increase, current sex dolls differ in size, breast shape, hip shape, waist size, etc. in addition to their facial features. Sex dolls are divided into half-length solid sex dolls and full-size sex dolls according to their body size.

The torso doll is a simple half-length doll. Full-size sex dolls are real life sex dolls that are perfect from head to toe. Do you know when shopping for Realistic Sex Doll, should you choose a half-length sex doll or a large sex doll?

Half body sex doll The half body sex doll is just a half body sex doll, which is easy to use because it doesn't have clumsy hands and feet. Most of them are sexy types. This makes a lot of sudden libidos better resolved. You will spend a lot of time and effort due to the bulky size of a full-sized sex doll plump solid doll.

Since the half-body sex doll is relatively small and more accessible, it is suitable for addressing physiological responses that occur in the short term. Despite being petite, it can also be very sexy, with delicate features, a full head, perfect breasts, a pink vulva and a comfortable vagina. This is enough to satisfy normal male sexual urges. If you have other hobbies, like a crazy obsession with women's feet or fingers, you should opt for full-size sex dolls.

full size sex doll

A full size sex doll is a full life size sex doll. Complete hands and feet, a perfect body can satisfy all male orgasms. Various faces and shapes that seek common ground while preserving differences can be selected according to the type of girl you like. If you have some small hobbies, then you can also be completely satisfied with mature sex dolls.

There are many types of full-size sex dolls, cute and sexy are common types. You can also choose to buy Cheap Sex Dolls and anime sex dolls because they have different charms that make people more intoxicated and easier to orgasm. Some Sex Doll vaginas on the market now feature a thermostatic technology that provides a more comfortable environment for the owner. Besides being used for sex, it can also be used as a model or your spiritual partner.