High-performing commercial vehicles from BharatBenz and Volvo incorporate advanced technology. 

BharatBenz is equipped with a noise-less 4D34i engine that suits some, whereas 24 V battery-fitted Volvo for others. Both models deliver superb performance, one for driver’s comfort and the other for sustainability. 

Further, it impacts the pricing factor for both models. For instance, BharatBenz truck price would differ based on its offerings. 

Read the description for both models given below, having price and specifications for an enhanced performance. 

1. BharatBenz 1617R Truck

Equipped with a 4D34i engine, this highly versatile truck prioritizes comfort for better driving performance. 

BharatBenz 1617R Truck’s noise-free engine improves the driver’s focus and aligns with BS6 emission-free standards. In addition, the resilient engine produces 170 HP output and 520 Nm torque for effective performance. 

Besides, this truck has a high GVW of 16200 kg, offering 9750 kg of payload capacity, allowing more cargo. Also, the ground clearance is 270 mm concerning the 5100 mm wheelbase, ensuring a stable ride. 

Furthermore, its Pneumatic foot brakes help the driver to remain focused while driving. Also, multi-leaf spring suspension (front & rear) promotes the model's safety. Hence, this model is priced at Rs. 22.22 Lakh - 24.12 Lakh.

2. Volvo FM 420 Tipper

Fitted with an in-line turbocharged water-cooled DI engine, it promotes better fuel economy for a Volvo truck. Regarding this, the engine generates 420 HP output and 2100 nm torque, ensuring better pickup. 

Moreover, this tipper is highly powerful with GVW (3500kg), providing high loading ability to allow more cargo load. 

Additionally, a more increased wheelbase of 5035 mm offers more ground clearance (348mm) for a stable ride. 

Further, the Electronic Brake System prevents collision, ensuring the driver’s safety. Hence, the Volvo truck price ranges from Rs. 70.00 Lakh - 74.40 Lakh.