RuneScape gold uses the following monetization strategies for Runescape 3: While a F2P alternative is supplied, the majority of the Runescape 3 content is locked behind a subscription fee. The consumer is able to access the content. The current incarnation of the Squeal of Fortune, Treasure Hunter, is a collection of various loot box style systems, a lot of which quite literally involve one opening chests with keys in exchange for in-game benefits such as makeup and objects created to give consumers advantages within RuneScape.

Solomon's General Store is an execution of a premium shop in which consumers can buy decorative overrides. In addition to makeup, consumers can purchase convenience items such as extra bank room, auras that offer benefits, and superior pets. RuneCoins are offered in quantities. These amounts that were fixed often differ from the price of the items they are used to buy, leaving remaining currency to customers. This raises the price of the premium item that is purchased beyond the advertised price unless the consumer is willing to purchase RuneCoins and buy superior items. These may be purchased buying outside goods and services and by completing offers such as surveys.

Beyond the scope of the original subscription, Runescape also offers a premium subscription with three distinct tiers. These tiers provide different combinations of cosmetics, loot boxes, subscription period, gated server access, in-game advantages, and discounts on other monetization strategies. Bonds operate as an in-game thing that allow players to transact money in exchange for a token which could be redeemed for premium currency subscription period, lootboxes, and progression. These are purchasable for real world currency and, while often cited differently they don't effectively battle trading. By providing cheaters to purchase subscription period, which efficiently reduces chargebacks, the benefit is to reduce financial fraud.

Runescape sells UI components. One of them is. Along with this, RuneMetrics Pro is an addon that customers can buy that expands to present data about the players progress within RuneScape. RuneMetrics Pro utilizes a subscription based version and is only accessible while the RuneMetrics Guru subscription is active. There is A Wealth Evaluator also sold that provides the worthiness of the things to the consumer they have.

Twitch Prime benefits are granted to consumers that purchase a subscription on a ceremony outside of the Runescape platform. These rewards include lootboxes, cosmetics, premium money, and subscription time. In exchange, Jagex benefits from increased exposure (advertising). While not a system of paying for products and services, this provides relief to Jagex of reducing their operating expenses in the kind. Runescape 3 offers battlepasses in Yak Track's kind. Battlepasses are a system established monetization strategy that provide challenges for consumers to finish in exchange for benefits that are in-game or makeup. Yak Track offers a free track along with also a premium (paid) monitor which includes more than the free track. Progress OSRS Gold For Sale may also be skipped by tier skips, effectively monetizing the two different ways.