When NBA 2K21 officially announced the cover star, I have been looking forward to the game to show the outstanding level of these athletes through visual means. Especially this year’s game will transition from current hardware to next-generation hardware, because we have a great chance to get the official release of PS5 and Xbox Series X before the end of 2020. For these next-generation games, large-scale graphics updates are a matter of course. But the strange thing is that we saw from the 2K Twitter that the rendering of the late Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant in the game seemed cheap and outdated.

2K posted a poorly rendered Kobe image as an advertisement on its official Twitter and announced that it will officially release the current version of NBA 2K21 on August 24. If you are very familiar with Kobe's Cheap NBA 2K21 MT experience in the NBA, you will find that this day has an important relationship with Kobe, because Kobe has worn the No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys in his career. In terms of the release date, 2K did a perfect job, fully achieving the goal of commemorating Kobe. But the main problem is that the most important renderings in the game seem to have not been upgraded due to lack of time.

I totally agree with 2K's move to design the Mamba Forever Edition to commemorate Kobe Bryant. In fact, Kobe's Widow Vanessa Bryant also agrees with this. But the problem I care about is that the rendering quality is really poor.

The rendering of Kobe in the game should be correct under any circumstances. Not only that, you could also make the argument that his should have received the most attention. It is generally believed that fans and game media will criticize developers for their ignorance, while for developers, these critics know nothing about the process and therefore will not respond.

I have very limited understanding of the 2K development process, but one thing I know is that the former modder, Rytis Gineika aka R4zor was hired by 2K last year, and his main job is to upgrade several classic and legendary players. He once provided a bearded Kobe Bryant rendering model in NBA 2K20, but even the same rendering effect without a beard is much better than the 2K21 effect picture provided by 2K on Twitter.

Considering that the "Frobe" rendering mode is already very stable in the 2K series of games, the team's art group will basically not make more additional modifications on the final version of the game, but there should be more acceptable options.

I very much hope that NBA 2K21 can provide fans with stunning visual effects on PS5 and Xbox Series X. It is also worth mentioning that MMOSPT will also provide a wealth of products for players who support NBA 2K21. When the game is officially released, any player can buy cheap and safe NBA 2K21 MT Coins from MMOSPT and enjoy high-quality customer service.