I concur with your record but the creation of Clowney goes beyond the stats sheet. Normally the conversion rate on Madden nfl 21 coins qb hits to sack is 45-50percent but his was about 10% which is simply unfortunate. Compare it to someone like Shaq Barrett who was near clowney but was a person in the average range with this stat.To be fair, I'm more confused with the absence of cards from Madden NFL. The way I build my team is I scroll through the 96-99 overalls on auction, then I hunt for their electricity ups and have to work. When I was looking the other day, there is like almost no option for RG.

Wut? All this time that I've been trying to build the big names when these under valued cards possess killer stats up. I've always felt they ought to perform a selection of like guys who absolutely dominated in school. I wish they'd include more former Madden NFL players for each group. Only for the Saints, give us Marques Colston, Jahri Evans, Darren Sproles, Roman Harper, Jon Vilma, Will Smith, Zach Strief and these. I love having Deuce McAllister and Tracy Porter, give us some great guys I say lol. Sorry lol, got side tracked there, but just my ideas on it.

EA gives those men good cards cause they're good in madden. Vick's skillsets and mays translate really into Madden NFL. In terms of Clowney, he's pretty great in real life and was clearly one of the better options for a FA master. Giving someone a great card in Madden because they're good in Madden is chicken and the egg. Clowney has rate but his pass rush stats do not reflect his creation. He not locking tier recipients on post routes up. Mays skill sets doesn't interpret to Madden. No career interceptions does not translate to jumping. Vicks rate translates but his precision does not.

High jumping and rate that is high, of course he is going to be a MUT card that is popular, he wasn't a hall of famer.

They should add make them like traits. If a Madden NFL player has it they ought to give it to them to cheap Mut 21 coins make them play like the Madden NFL player. For instance Kyler Murray not having escape artist till the conclusion of the season was idiotic because they desired a limited number on who's what.I feel like they should be corrected to be like badges in 2k. I feel like that could work. It would make it where Madden NFL players that may not be Madden NFL players could have skills that pertain to them. Because he did not have escape artist despite being the qb in the league, mend that, like for the majority of the year Kyler Murray was unusable.