Even watching Lebron James play in the restart, you can see why he is among the finest in the entire world. While because the Covid-19 pandemic started, Lebron James managed to receive 16 points at the NBA 2K21 MT Coins initial regular-season Lakers match, he was out there producing plays and enjoying defense that is pristine. The Los Angeles Clippers have a team and limiting them is something that the Lakers should be proud of. Lebron James attributed to that defensiveness but acquiring 11 rebounds. A nice for Lebron James. It is apparent that Lebron is getting older and with age that is older, he is going to slow down a bit. Back in Lebron's prime, he'd have gotten more than 16 points.

However, because you take under account the NBA 2K21 video game, I have all the confidence in the entire world that Lebron will once more be on peak of the food chain rating list and will most likely be rated somewhere near 97 or 98 total. At this point in the NBA, there are no active players that actually deserve to be rated higher than Lebron James, however there are a couple that may tie his overall. The Greek Freak is an wonderful player to watch. Giannis has everything in his arsenal to make him an NBA player. He can make accurate shots, he is quite conscious of who's on the court with him to make plays, and he will restrict the other team on getting offensive rebound when assisting the Milwaukee Bucks get their offensive rebounds. Fans will be hearing the title Giannis Antetokounmpo for years to come.

He's just getting started in the prime years of his profession and with him putting up numbers like he's been, he is only going to get much better, like his NBA 2K21 score. In NBA 2K20, Giannis has been rated a 97 overall along with Lebron James. With Lebron being the highest-rated general player the past few years, it is only a matter of time before somebody passes his rating up. However, a player hasn't yet been rated a 98 entire since Lebron James in NBA 2K15. With that said I know Giannis is going to be a force to be reckoned with down the line, however I don't believe his score will be greater than Lebron James'. At least not yet.

Even the New Orleans Pelicans are probably sick they don't have Anthony Davis anymore. Davis and james are a dynamic duo and every team realizes that when they have to play with the Lakers. There are games and there are games where Anthony Davis is the best player on the Lakers. That night Anthony Davis was better, but both of them contributed to the group in a huge way and so why they picked up the victory over the restarted opening night.

Looking at an overall career, Lebron James has had the better one. However, at this point in time of the professions, I would have to give the edge. He's younger and more nimble and can still produce up to if more than Lebron James over the course of their games. Back in NBA 2K20, Anthony Davis needed a 96 complete rating and was not even in the top five for overall evaluations. In fact, he was just the 7th-best overall in NBA 2K20. Anthony Davis deserves to be a 97 complete and I think what he has shown about the Los Angeles Lakers this season with his athletic and offensive talent will allow him to at Buy 2K21 MT least boost up his rating by 1 from NBA 2K20.