If yes, then your wait may end here as we are going to talk about the way to install MetaMask on your computer in this post. This is an easy process and you can also set up MetaMask on your PC if you know the path to do so. To set up MetaMask on a Windows PC or Mac, you need to install the MetaMask browser extension on it first and then you will be able to access your Metamask log in account using the credentials. But before that, make sure that you have installed the latest version of a web browser on your computer.

You can use Chrome, Brave, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. to set up MetaMask Wallet on it. Now, affirm that the Windows or Mac has a proper internet connection, and then jump to the next section to start the MetaMask setup process.

Way to set up MetaMask on Windows PC

Windows PC users can easily set up MetaMask on it with the help of quick steps that are given below:

Launch a browser on your Windows desktop or laptop

Now, go to the MetaMask’s official website

From the header, find and click on the ‘Download’ button

Here, give the details of the OS version of your PC

Now, click on the ‘Download Extension File’ to proceed

After adding the extension file, launch it and type the password of

your MetaMask account

You can also use the MetaMask private key details to access the account

Finally, you have accessed your Metamask extension account on a Windows PC

The process to set up MetaMask on Mac

Users who are looking to set up their MetaMask Wallet on Mac need to follow the steps that are given below:

Open a browser on your Mac and head to the MetaMask.io/start page

Now, discover the ‘Download’ button and click on it to proceed

After that, you are asked to click on the ‘Download MetaMask for Mac’ option

Now, you will be taken to the extension store of your browser

Here, click on the ‘Add to my browser’ option to proceed

In a few minutes, the MetaMask extension will be added to your Mac browser

Now, launch the Metamask extension on your Mac and type the password details

Once you provide the Metamask log in details, you will be logged in to your account


To sum up, accessing a Metamask log in Wallet account on the Mac and Windows PCs is a simple task and you can also do so quickly with the help of the processes that we have concluded above on this page. Make sure to use the updated version of the Metamask extension and type the MetaMask login details carefully to avoid any type of issue.