If we look at the gender distribution of sex workers, most of them are women. In fact, 57 percent of the identified escort sites cater only to men, while eleven percent are exclusively for female clients. Couples are a sizeable segment of the marketplace, but most of these male escorts are male. The gender imbalance between male and female escorts is a result of several factors, such as changing attitudes towards masculinity.

Generally speaking, a country's law on sex work may determine the type of sex workers and the terminology used to describe their services. The United States, Brazil, and Chile are among the countries with the highest male escort profiles. The United Kingdom, China, and Taiwan are also countries with a high proportion of male escorts. In addition, many of these countries have decriminalized homosexuality and have legalised prostitution.

As a result of these issues, a more rigorous study of the gender distribution of male escorts is needed. This study did not include dark web escort sites, which are often accessed through the Internet. The survey also did not include male escorts who are operating on the black market. Male escorts are a significant social and business phenomenon, but we should start by establishing a reliable baseline dataset so we can measure this phenomenon properly.

Other factors contributing to the lower number of male escorts in Lahore are changing social values and legislation. New technologies like the internet and mobile phones have helped make the industry more accessible and visible. With fewer stigmas associated with the industry, there is a better and safer environment for sex workers. If we want to make the industry safer for all parties, we must change the status quo.

There is no evidence that male sex workers face greater risk of exploitation than their female counterparts. Most male sex workers are street prostitutes. Some of them are drug addicts, and have only sex with men to supplement their income. Most of them are part-time employees. Hence, they are not likely to disclose their sexual orientation to professionals.

In the early twentieth century, male prostitution was becoming more visible in American cities. It became a part of urban society as gay communities began to grow. In New York City, a burgeoning population of male prostitutes was also evident. Moral reformer Charles H. Parkhurst accompanied detective Charles W. Gardener to a brothel where he was surprised to discover that the "women" who worked there were in fact men dressed in women's clothing and spoke in falsetto.