One of the important points is how to choose the right gym. If you don’t know what exactly you want to do, visit a club with a large number of zones and sections: they usually offer the gym itself, where there are exercise machines, treadmills, steppers. As well as several sections: aerobics, yoga, swimming, dancing, boxing, crossfit, etc.

If a beginner knows that he wants to focus on running, let him look at the cardio zone. Tracks and exercise bikes are expensive and in demand. If the hall is designed for 50 people, and there are only 2 lanes, there will be queues. To develop strength, you need high-quality strength equipment with lubricated fasteners, always bolted to the floor.

In a mixed hall, where the entire space is divided into zones, pay attention to the presence of rugs, mats and special elastic rubber blocks. Everyone should have enough equipment, and mats and blocks are a guarantee of safety during weight exercises.

It is clear that the weightlifter should not throw weight where the girl is stretching. The more spacious the hall and the more thoughtful the zones are, the better. Athletes should not train on each other's heads. If the hall is full, as in the morning minibus, the administration is greedy. This is fraught not only with a loss of comfort and efficiency of the lesson, but also with injuries due to safety violations.

Additional gym services
The basic set includes a locker for storing things during a workout, a toilet, a shower, possibly towels (small for training and (or) a large bath). Important: Check if free water is available. The presence of a sauna, a bath, a free massage will be a plus, but is not considered an essential service. And what is really needed is a medical office and a health worker.

Hygiene is the head of everything
The gym is a common area where people leave sweat marks, share the same toilet and showers. Therefore, notice how often and efficiently cleaning is done.

I'm sure I chose one of the best places. I visited the pure gym near me  and did not regret it. A large number of positive reviews helped me make a good choice.