The incidence of myopia has become increasingly younger, and school-age children cannot be exempted. For children who have already experienced problems, it is very important to choose a suitable pair of myopia prevention and control kids eyeglasses near me.


A myopia prevention and control glasses, the most important thing is the lenses. Children have a lively and active nature, often running, jumping, or playing sports, and they are also more casual when using kids' eyeglasses near me on weekdays.


When selecting, it is important to choose safe materials, nonfragile, and wear-resistant, effectively avoiding unnecessary eye injuries caused by broken lenses.


When children choose lenses, they should choose lenses with good transmittance. Nowadays, there are many materials for children's protective glasses, including PC material, resin material, and glass material.


PC material, also known as "space lens", refers to the lens formed by heating a solid material, which has extremely strong toughness and can resist ultraviolet rays. The texture is relatively light and suitable for children to choose from. However, it is not suitable for places with high humidity and heat, as it is prone to deformation after being heated.


The resin material is chosen by many people mainly because it has excellent light transmittance, good impact resistance, and prevents material defects such as being easily scratched by hard objects. It is relatively light, elastic, and safe, making it very suitable for children to choose from.


Glass lenses are a relatively traditional lens material with the advantages of high hardness, less scratching, and good transparency. However, it is relatively heavy and not suitable for long-term wear and is prone to breakage.


Overall, if choosing anti-myopia glasses for children, it is best to choose resin lenses or PC materials, which are both good choices.