We all need to use references in our academic assignments. When writing critical assignments like research papers or dissertations, you need to submit original work. However, it would help if you carried out extensive research to get content to write for these assignments. This is where plagiarism can creep in and make your content copied.

Thus, to avoid plagiarism in such assignments, references show the reader that your content is legit, factual and not copied from the original source. However, using references can be tricky as one need to maintain a definite format. This is where a referencing generator can come in useful.

Read on to find out how to use the MLA referencing generator, as MLA is the most common referencing style you will be using in your assignments.

What is a referencing generator?

A referencing generator is an online software or tool that can generate references for you in the format you want. No longer do you need an eternity writing lengthy references for your paper. For example, if you have to cite your papers using the MLA referencing style, you can use an MLA referencing generator to do the job for you.

With a single click of your mouse button, you can instantly get an MLA reference generated for you in a jiffy. A referencing generator will have several boxes where you can enter your reference details. Find out below how to use an MLA referencing generator or .

Steps to use an MLA referencing generator

Follow the steps outlined below and get your MLA reference generated without any hassles.

Step 1

Enter your author's name as written in your source. If there are multiple authors, write each one of them separated by a comma. If there is no author, then you can leave the space blank.

Step 2

Enter your publication date in month, day, and year format.

Step 3

Enter your volume number. If there is no volume number present, then enter your page number.

Step 4

Write the name of your source. It can be a book, a magazine, an online publication or even a research article.

That's it, and you are done. Proofread each detail you have entered and click on the generate button. The steps outlined below work for any referencing generator you use, like a Chicago, APA or even a Harvard referencing generator

Final thoughts

Use an MLA referencing generator now and say goodbye to your referencing woes.

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