For example, if an American citizen creates an electric file on a laptop or computer and produces a "last may and testament" on that file, and, then, locks the record in the computer so that no one can entry it, that specific electronic record is tantamount to a "last will and testament" published in ink, written down, and guaranteed in a metal file case with lock and key. 

Exactly the same relates to any digital record created by an American resident and located electronically in a computer. For the government say usually, is always to refuse what is so clearly evident in an age of pc technology. The NSA, FBI, and the CIA have officially responded to prudent reason and common شرح وظایف حفاظت فیزیکیsense by very stating that electric email communications, and the attached documents which they include, of most U.S. citizens, must be available to surveillance in order to find continuing enemy plots. 

This really is as ridiculous an assertion as declaring that puppy pets must be digitally surveilled to be able to decide which pets have the symptoms of rabies. More over, in case a U.S. citizen employs an email meaning to electronically connect a file for the e-mail's intended individual to see, that e-mail contains the person's electric papers, the content of that will be protected by the 4th Amendment. Those digital documents, sent by mail, are protected in the same fashion, by the 4th Amendment, as are personal documents which are put in a placed bag and shipped utilizing the U.S. Mail.

Because electric filing and record-making is virtually exchanging the paper-and-ink method in the public and private groups, the tracking, by the NSA, of e-mail communications sent between U.S. citizens, and the connection papers which they contain (as well as hard-drive and disk-drive documents covered on on the web personal computers), is essentially no different from government agents breaking into a person's home office and confiscating locked files of report records.