Lots of “leaked” new Reputation Decorations, plus parts of the new map, give us clues and thoughts and analysis in the Manaan Daily Area in SWTOR 7.1. As players decorate the Republic Fleet Stronghold, they may have discovered a new decoration whose source it listed as Reputation: Manaan, which means it’s from the new daily area.

According to Reddit, these decorations are also available to older versions of the PTS, and have been in the game since 7.0.2. Even if players don’t make decorations, they may still find these images interesting, as BioWare tends to just convert existing assets into decorations. They rarely make brand new models specifically for decorations unless they are part of a decoration package sold at the cartel market. And players can also prepare some SWTOR Credits to buy what they want.

For example, farm plots, equipment, and plants that players see in Dantooine can be purchased as decorations for Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes at Reputation Vendors. Meanwhile, you won’t find Sith Lord’s Artifacts decorations elsewhere in the game, as they come from CM-exclusive decoration packs.

This means that the 25 Manaan decorations that players can currently preview can give them a clue what the new daily area might look like. It is definitely possible that these decorations are not relevant to everyday areas, but that seems unlikely. All these decorations look super cool! And if players want to win the battle, they can also buy some SWTOR Credits on IGGM to improve their strength.

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