A bit actually teared up. Jesus christ, I can not believe I just admitted online a Runescape video made me cry but yeah, that happened.Yeah, it'd have some useful gains, you're right. I forgot about OSRS gold your own disclaimer also, thanks to emphasizing that.I guess I just got caught up in 37 times for elegant trousers that I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did.I'm also just now viewing your comment about not going past 9 hours without a second clue, my mental picture was much worse once I left that comment.

Meaningful or not, when that casket popped on the screen I cheered. Nice and congratulations work. Can't wait to see you tackle the Theatre. It is crazy watching a number of these Swampletics grinds and thinking back to a very first UIM video whining about crafting (in Morytania, funny enough). You have come a long way.I wouldn't say zero purpose, he did catch his melee stats up a bit.I get it doesn't seem like a lot at this stage which is reasonable but there is not really that much left pre-ToB. Yeah, this felt like a great excuse to get melees up a bit more, and also put together a (imo) very engaging video.

I'm wondering how much he even needs because of his movie that is pre-finale, is there an opportunity he uploads it in only a few days? No more waiting a month between episodes?I'd feel like it's likely a week or 2 bc I would imagine all that is left at this stage is assembling a team.Well he wanted backup bolt tips and much more melee stats aid + being able to create his own supercompost is nothing. Progress at this stage requires to obtain an inch but he needs. I really don't believe it had been nothing.Agreed. I feel like sometimes swamp man shouldn't ask"can I?" But instead,"if I?"

However, I mean this whole series should never have been a thing. The whole objective is for this to be totally ridiculous.I do not think I would advocate doing so either, but it's definitely in accordance with the entire idea behind swampletics to begin with.It's something which you have to Old School RuneScape Gold be a very specific kind of person for it to function. Most people would drive themselves angry, but swampman is just that sort of individual who can do it.It was much more entertaining content than almost all of the Barrows videos. There were ups and downs and even when the casket was moot the video did a excellent job. Besides Settled clarified in the movie well enough that a) he had been getting other stuff done on the account at the same time and b) it had been more about achieving it and the travel than the reward. And imo it definitely adds another piece of prestige.