It is one of the best ways to earn expertise in RuneScape gold smithing. It's because the process will give you the best smithing experience during the game. However, the armor you create doesn't really have value. It's a procedure that can be quite costly, without any reward but will give you plenty of experiences. If you're looking to find a guide to armor that is of actual value in Runescape check out our guide to the Best Non-degradable Armor in Runescape.

The player will need to travel to The Artisans Workshop to make the burial armor. To find the Artisans workshop, check an area in southeast Falador. On the workshop's eastern side there is a dwarf Suak will be on stage in front of the anvils. You can ask him to show the art of making it. He'll assign an additional dwarf Sten to teach you the technique in an animation. If you were not paying attention, then you can ask for him to repeat the question.

If Sten shows you how, Suak will tell you which armor piece to create. If you follow the instructions he requires, you'll be awarded a bonus exp for a reward. If Suak's armor request changes, inside the anvil, choose the piece of armor, and continue your work.

To make Runescape Burial Armor it is required to require a hammer steel, mithril Adamant, or rune. It is necessary to smith level 30 as that's the minimum requirement to work with Iron ingots. For working with steel, you'll require the level 45 Smithing. Level 60 is for mithril, the level 70 is for buy OSRS GP Adamant, or level 90 in the case of Runite.