The Destroyer is a full-helmeted warrior with a massive hammer that can control gravity to fight enemies. It's a very slow and heavy class, not a fighter full of stunts and quick attacks. The Lost Ark Destroyer is great if you want to crush some demons. So how does the player control the Destroyer?

What the Destroyer lacks in mobility, it makes up for with a ton of health, the ability to generate shields, and some brutal hammering. Smashing demons for rewards like Gold Lost Ark isn't a hard Lost Ark course for beginners, and it's also very flexible when it comes to crafting PvP and PvE content.

The main mechanics of the class is the Focus skill and the Gravity Release skill. While the former generates Gravity Cores, these are used to use upgraded versions of the latter. In general, Destroyer is the team's tank, but they can still cause a lot of trouble for the enemy. Expect the Destroyer's Hammer to cause some cool jumping attacks or explosions.

This will charge the destroyer's gravimeter. When full, the destroyer releases the Hypergravity Zone, a special attack that allows the player to deploy only one skill: Vortex Gravity - a frontal attack where you hammer down with a hammer and pull enemies within reach.

In both cases, your goal is to hit enemies with your abilities, which create shields to mitigate damage. In PvP, some skills will help you start the fight, thanks to the jumping ability you have.

Lost Ark Destroyer Best Skill

RPGStash's recommendations for the best Destroyer skills:

Heavy Crush (at least Level 4 or 7)

A low cooldown/low damage skill that you can use. Generate 1 Gravity Core.

Tripod 1: Quick Hit of Earthen Strength. While the second increases your damage by 10% the first makes it faster to use.
Tripod 2: Law of the Jungle
Observation: Upgrading this much is worth it if you want to focus more on PVE content like Chaos Dungeons where you must clean the area fast. Otherwise, use the points in Running Crash.

Dreadnaught (Level 10)

A high damage area attack with a higher cooldown. Generates 2 Gravity Cores.

Tripod 1: Irresistible Force for PVE or Tenacity for PVP.
Tripod 2: Ranging Hammer
Tripod 3: Splendid Attack

Jumping Smash (at least Level 7 or 10)

A high cooldown skill with a significant damage but extremely useful to close the gap between you and the enemy. Generates 2 Gravity Cores.

Tripod 1: Dark Flame works great for PvE while Superior Change can be useful in PvP.
Tripod 2: Time Distortion
Tripod 3: Gravity Inversion

Running Crash (at least Level 4 or 10)

A higher cooldown sprint-forward attack that hits 7 times. Generates 2 Gravity Cores.

Tripod 1: Toughened Body
Tripod 2: Anti-Gravity
Tripod 3: Enhanced Advance

Endure Pain (at least Level 7 or 10)

The skill with the highest cooldown in this build. Your character lets out a roar that damages enemies around it and also gains immunity to Pushes. It also mitigates a certain percentage of the incoming damage. It generates 3 Gravity Cores.

Tripod 1: Wide Hit
Tripod 2: Anti-Gravity is great, but Taunt can be an option if you rather tank some raids
Tripod 3: Healthy Mentality

Earth Eater (Level 10)

A big circular attack amazingly strong to clean areas quickly or attack more than one enemy at the same time.

Tripod 1: Red Shards
Tripod 2: Tenacity for PvP might be a great option, but Perspiration also works great
Tripod 3: Rock Storm

One-Man Army (Level 10)

Your character delivers a sequence of swing attacks.

Tripod 1: Agile Movement
Tripod 2: Red Hammer
Tripod 3: Fatal Hammer

Seismic Hammer (Level 10)

Together with Eath Eater, this is one of your big area attacks. The character hits the ground making big rock spikes come out of it and hit enemies around them.

Tripod 1: Toughened Body is a great pick, but for PvP Tenacity may also be pretty useful
Tripod 2: Concussion
Tripod 3: Starving Strength

Awakening Skills

Terra Break: An amazing skill for AoE damage, so it is preferable for PvE.
Big Bang: It is a holding skill that does some good damage, knocking enemies away, but it also mitigates a certain percentage of incoming damage and gives you immunity to debuffs. A great skill for PvP.

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