Since crypto has begun to have financial value and became a huge source of income via digital blockchain networks, tons of cyber crooks have been trying and succeeding in interfering with users’ funds, and robbing them.

This called for protection services, which were responded to with exclusive digital wallets for rendering to people’s need for crypto safety. Many wallet services got introduced, one of which is the MetaMask Wallet that we’ll be covering here in this read.

Going through this short and exclusive data piece would help you know the different stages that you’d have to pass by to become an active member of the wallet service via your account. In addition to that, we’d like to walk you through a few details about updating the wallet service version as and when you want it or is available.

Becoming a MetaMask Wallet owner isn’t difficult

This part of the read has been equipped with the different stages that you are required to go through if and when you decide on being a part of the MetaMask network by acquiring an account on the service platform:

  1. Either get the MetaMask extension or the mobile app.
  2. Create your personal space or a wallet account on the extension.
  3. To associate the account with enhanced security, set up a password.
  4. Assure getting your hands on the recovery phrase and retain it.
  5. Go on to deposit funds for protection and make trade transactions.

Need the extension or the mobile application updated?

Well, there are tons of reasons why users might want an update, which is respected by the service authorities and their developers work hard to keep on innovating so that they can cater to their clients’ requirements. Here, in this part of the read, we thought we’d lay down some details on updating either your wallet’s browser extension or the mobile application that you’ve been using:

  • Browser Extension- We’d suggest you go on and sign out of your MetaMask Login account so that you sign in again and wait till the extension gets automatically updated for use.
  • Mobile Application- We all know mobile applications make it all easy so, if you’ve been using it, here’s what you do- you go into either the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on the device you use (iOS or Android, respectively). Now, look for the downloaded app and if there’s an update available, do what’s necessary.

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The short read has been exclusively created to help you understand the need for digital crypto wallets that have been gaining a lot of attention with an increasing user base. In addition to that, we thought you’d like to know about the stages, going through which would lead you to acquire your personal wallet accounts on the MetaMask Wallet service, which is renowned globally. And towards the end, you learned details about updating the wallet extension and/or the mobile app.