Why Germany as a study destination? This is presumably the first question that comes to your mind when you suppose of studying abroad. It's only but natural for utmost Indian scholars not to explore Germany as a study destination substantially because of its language hedge. But moment several hundred and thousands of Indian scholars are taking up colorful programs in German universities. As of July 2014, India has the 4th loftiest number of transnational scholars studying in Germany. Then is a look at 6 reasons that make Germany the 4th most popular destination for advanced education, after the US, the UK, and Australia( as pertopuniversities.com.)

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Germany is also one of the many countries to have over a hundred Nobel laureates, like Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Günter Grass, Robert Huber, Gerhard Ertl, Wolfgang Paul, and Albrecht Kossel to name just a many.

From October 2014 onward, all advanced education has been made free for German as well as transnational scholars at all universities across Germany! Lower Saxony was the last German state to abolish education figures for its scholars.

German universities are maybe the stylish places for exploration and training. A lot of significance to give to individual exploration and bone can find some of the stylish administrators of the world in German universities who inversely work hard for their exploration scholars. In- the malignancy of being an anon-English speaking country, it still attracts a large number of Indian scholars to the country, the primary reason being that German universities offer over 300 transnational Programs which are tutored in English and are honored the world over.

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Universities in Germany are famed throughout the world and have been part of numerous path-breaking discoveries. There are 379 institutes of advanced education in Germany with about2.4 a million scholars.


List of universities in Germany

13 German universities in the world's top 200

Germany is in fact one of the many countries to have retained the old traditional proposition grounded literacy and combined it with ultramodern day pedagogy. Germany has one of the largest university systems in Europe with the oldest university being innovated in 1386 in Heidelberg. One of the main reasons for scholars to choose Germany as a study destination is because of the wide range of universities numbering further than 300. Indian scholars can choose from a variety of programs that aren't available to them in India, thereby making Germany one of the economic study destinations among Indian scholars.


Germany suits the need of every pupil. It has a course for every pupil and the university municipalities have a lot to offer to all foreign scholars. While studying in Germany, you can explore the rich heritage and culture of Germany. Germany is dotted with literal monuments, palaces, and cloisters.


Learning German


Knowledge of German is essential especially if the course that you have decided in Germany is tutored completely or incompletely in German. You have to qualify for the DSH- Test, and TestDaF after arriving in Germany. Still, if your course is tutored in English, you need not appear for these tests, though it's always judicious to have some introductory knowledge of German. For further information on DSH- Test, click then.

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Where can I learn German?


You can learn German in any of the following ways

Enroll in a language course in your advanced education institution

Learn German before arriving in Germany. You can learn German by enrolling in the nearest Goethe Institute( Max Mueller Bhavan in India)(www.goethe.de).

Good language courses are also available in adult education centers ( Voklshochschule – VHS) or external education centers which are cheaper than private centers.



How important does it bring to study in Germany?

Though public universities offer programs at no education freights, there's a certain executive figure charge of 100- 350 EUR( roughly INR- INR) per semester. Further, private universities might charge nearly around the roughly estimated costs of INR for undergraduate courses while INR for postgraduate courses.


Is study free in Germany?

You can choose from a wide range of courses offered by public universities in Germany that give quality education at free education costs. There are around 300 public universities in Germany that offer free education with only a minimum executive charge per semester.


What are the conditions for Studying in Germany?

The documents you'll generally bear to apply for a study program in Germany are as follows

  1. Academic reiterations of your former degrees as well as elderly secondary mark sheets
  2. Evidence of language proficiency( German- DSH, TestDaf or English- IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  3. Passport-sized photos
  4. Clones of your passport( particular details and print ID runner)
  5. GRE/ GMAT Scores
  6. Evidence of Financial Coffers
  7. Provocation letter( voluntary)
  8. Statement of Purpose( Bribe)
  9. Letters of Recommendation( LORs) – Voluntary

Do German universities educate in English?

Yes, there are numerous famed German universities that offer English- tutored courses and some of these institutions include, Hochschule Mannheim, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Berlin International University of Applied Lores, amongst others.


Can I study in Germany without knowing German?

Yes, a varied range of English- tutored programs are offered by German universities which you can choose from. 


With utmost of its public universities charging no or negligible education freights, there's a large pool of transnational scholars choosing to study in Germany to mileage the inconceivable gratuities it has on offer. However, reach out to our Influence Edu experts and counselors and we will guide you at every step of the way from chancing the right course as well as university to kickstarting the admission process and icing that you get successfully shortlisted, If you're aspiring for advanced studies in Germany and don’t know which program to conclude for or where to begin your operation. Bespeak your free 30 twinkles discussion with us and get in touch with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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