How does the perfect diary brand win the Chinese beauty market?

In the past two years, the rise of emerging beauty brands has brought great pressure to the traditional beauty industry. Among them, the fastest-growing brand is "perfect diary", which used to be such a low-key brand and has become the object of imitation of many brands. In the 2018 tmall promotion, the perfect diary brand surpassed L'Oreal and other foreign brands to achieve the first sales volume in the beauty industry. At the tmall double 11 Shopping Festival in 2019, the perfect diary brand ranked first in the beauty category. After that, perfect diary set up its retail headquarters in Shanghai and said it would open more offline stores all over the country.

In such a short time, the expansion speed of the perfect diary brand can even be comparable to that of many traditional beauty brands. Many new brands have also begun to imitate the development model of "perfect diary". Although it will not be the second "perfect diary", each brand will accelerate its growth in the process. This article will summarize the success of "perfect diary" and provide reference for the development of beauty brands.

Key points for the success of new beauty brands in China

The "perfect diary" official account has 1.3 million fans on the "little red book", which is an amazing number compared with other beauty brands. The reason why there is such a large fan base is that the "perfect diary" places great emphasis on the layout of the "little red book", including the emphasis on KOL marketing and content marketing. In the "little red book", the content of "perfect diary" is original, with high credibility and low coincidence, which has won the trust of consumers. If emerging brands want to develop their brands rapidly, "small red book" will be a platform that can not be ignored.

Improve wechat management and create "private domain traffic"

Creating "private traffic" is what every Chinese beauty brand is doing now. How to achieve this more effectively is worth thinking deeply. "Perfect diary" has created its own official account wechat, with a unified brand image, and the content released is also very close to consumer life. After the brand gets closer to consumers, the official account will release some cosmetics suggestions and carry out promotional activities.

Beautiful and creative packaging

Excellent marketing strategy can not be separated from the product itself. "Perfect diary" also attaches great importance to product development. Instead of using traditional images such as flowers, plants and trees, the product's outer packaging has chosen an independent packaging design, which is as exquisite as oil painting. Excellent product quality and exquisite appearance are the characteristics of "perfect diary" products.

Conclusion of the perfect diary brand case study

If emerging brands want to succeed, they must conduct marketing from the perspective of young consumers, make good use of popular e-commerce platforms and social media KOL, establish strong customer loyalty, and have excellent product quality on the other hand. As long as the above requirements are met, these brands will have their own opportunities