When buying a male sex doll, a woman should choose one that has realistic features. The best dolls for this type of fantasizing are those made of tpe, which has the appearance of a real penis. A woman should also consider buying a gay male sex doll to satisfy her sexual fantasies. Gay male sex dolls have no strange eyes that come from the outside. If a woman is gay, she should buy a gay male sex doll.

Pipedream Extreme torso only male sex doll

The Pipedream Extreme torso only male, marketed by sex toy company Fanta Flesh, features a curvy, eight-inch penis with real balls. Its chiseled Abs and derriere are also realistic and spankable. The toy is also made from TPR material, which requires special care. It comes with samples of lubricant, sex toy cleaner, and revive powder.

The torso is designed to be realistic, and the dildo comes with a set of rounded bulbed balls. It feels very real, and the pipedream torso doll comes with a cleaning kit and revive powder. It is also a good choice for bath time, and can be purchased in different sizes and colors. For the most part, the dolls are not expensive.

Another male sex doll is the Pipedream Extreme. This model is perfect for a variety of erotic fantasies. You can use the doll for vaginal or anal sex, or you can position it in different positions for penetration. It even has a removable penis and can be used to play with it. If you have a feisty friend, you can share your fantasies with Pipedream Extreme.

Pipedream Dream Girl

Pipedream's marketing is horrifying. Their ad copy is racially insensitive and promotes sexual assault while simultaneously devaluing the right to consent. This ad copy is often accompanied by creepy imagery and uses of language that are offensive to people of color. Pipedream's website features archives of product descriptions and downloadable catalogs from 2010 and 2011, but has since removed the links. The company hasn't changed its ad copy in eight years.

One of the best sex dolls available is the Pipedream Dream Girl, which is a realistic female sex doll modeled after a real male hunk. This doll is over 20 lbs. of soft flesh and comes in realistic black and white colors. It features a hot woman positioned in various positions for maximum satisfaction. The body part is easily flipped over for an even greater experience.


The anime-inspired, Japanese-made Realistic Male Sex Doll, "Patrick," is the perfect gift for the man in your life. This unique male sex doll can be put into any position and enjoys the penetration of both sexes. He has a striking silver hair and chiseled face. Patrick is perfect for both men and women, and measures 5'3".

The fully articulated 8-inch penis on Patrick can be detached for easy cleaning. His steel skeleton makes him easy to fuck, and his limbs are long enough for both oral and anal sex. His 8-inch penis is easy to maintain, with a removable penis and a 7-inch asshole. Patrick is a very realistic male sex doll that can help you live out your fantasies.

Realistic Male Sex Doll Patrick is one of the most popular Japanese anime dolls. Patrick resembles the legendary Kakashi Hatake and Kaneki Ken. It has a long dick, crystal eyes, and an anal capability of seven inches. Patrick's anal capabilities and flexibility make him irresistible to any female who wants to experience the ultimate in sexual tension. With his detachable penis, Patrick is a great option for oral or sodomy.

Pipedream RealDoll

The real question is how much this product costs, but it is well worth it. Its creators have created one of the largest companies producing sex toys. The company's products are sold worldwide, with a few trickling in. Pipedream products can even be found at your local Walmart. In fact, the disconcerting "Moist Strawberry Flavored" lubricant is sold in Walmart stores in the US.

Pipedream's marketing is also problematic. While they may be cheap, they still use cheap materials and promote toy consumption among a largely uneducated public. Their ad copy is creepy and sexist, and it reinforces stereotypes about people of color. Ultimately, this product isn't any more sexist than it is racist. But that doesn't mean that Pipedream doesn't produce decent sex toys.