2020 Cheap Jordans, The popularity of Dunk in the past two years is obvious to all. Nike has also launched a rich color scheme for players to choose from. The super many styles have even made some players suffer from "choice difficulties". Recently, a pair of new color matching Nike Dunk Low released the official picture, color matching There are new ideas that are different from before. The new 'Magma Orange' colorway adds a unique smudge design to the regular white-orange scheme. The orange of the shoe body frame is smeared to the pearl white upper, showing the visual sense of the car painting process. The pearl white midsole brings a slightly old style, which further enhances the texture of the whole pair of shoes. Finally, the orange rubber outsole with ink splash effect completes the whole design.
New Jordan Release, Undoubtedly great news for OG sneaker players! The black and blue color matching will once again land on the Air Jordan 1 family, bringing a new leather texture full of new products on the low-top Air Jordan 1 Low OG shoes! This pair of Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Mystic Navy" has previously exposed physical pictures, and the most eye-catching place at that time was the leather texture. Today we ushered in the release of the complete official pictures, and the release is also scheduled for August, which is almost two months away from today. As one of the original first year colors of the Air Jordan 1 family, the status of black and blue in the shoe circle is obvious to all. The low-top shoe type Air Jordan 1 Low was also born in 1985. Together with the High high-top shoe type, it jointly opened the curtain of the development of modern sneakers. The leather material this time is quite shiny, bringing a strong OG charm, catering to the players' pursuit of the details of the first year.
2022 New Jordan, As the editor of "Reading Countless Shoes", after so many years of experience, it can be said that I have summed up the laws of countless shoe circles. I don’t know if you have noticed that even if the market price of some shoes is very high, they will not be easily labeled as “exclusive for the rich”. The first point of the sneakers that can be called "exclusive for the rich" is that the price is amazing enough, and at the same time, they must be able to make players feel enough. At the same time, when these two major brands are singled out, they are also OG and fashionable enough to wear them out without saying they are superior, but they can definitely understand how people look at you with admiration!