I am not sure about the most recent Shanks panel, from the Gorosei. My only guess is that Shanks has a great deal of Animal Crossing Bells respect as he doesn't actively cause death and destruction like the other Yonko; perhaps Shanks is also low key gate maintaining Raftel and the WG isn't going to mess with him while he's busy doing that. The WG wasn't directing a manhunt after the retired Roger Pirates after all

I don't think he is evil, I just believe that he knows more than we do and contains some agenda that we can not understand yet which would outwardly appear pretty'bad'. Like he needs to ally with the World Government to maintain the secrets of the ancient kingdom secure because he is afraid of the chaos and destruction it would cause, as a result of his affection for peace. Whereas Luffy- he's got a fantastic heart, but frankly he's not a spectacularly moral person. He broke some of the planet's worst criminals from Impel Down without another thought as they were helpful to him. He is a pirate. He is basically not an excellent individual by the conventional standards, unlike Shanks, so he doesn't care about throwing the planet into chaos.

I feel like Luffys gonna need to fight shanks for some reason, team up with a different member of their worst generation/supernovas, and the person he groups with is gonna kill shanks. Luffy is gonna attempt to provide it back as shanks is perishing, but he'll grin and shake his head, stating that Luffy still wants to turn into a fantastic pirate before he can take it backagain. Series will end with Luffy leaving the straw hat on shanks tomb after getting pirate king

I'm not an Animal Crossing guy but how does this work? They seem like the real characters, are those all outfits and accessories or something? Because he even has his torso open and I am confused.

Yeah I think people really want Luffy to have some kind of connection Roger, but I think I like it way better that throughout the entire world being full of similarities, differences, and coincidences that somehow, the Pirate King and Luffy both happen to be those men that understood what it meant to be free and in that, they became the exactly what they are today.

Cmon man you saw Im Sama possess a big straw hat. Roger used to wear the hat. Strong pirate such as buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket shanks goes into East blue and leaves a hat using luffy.