I'm sure if I understood what was happening, I'd agree with Madden 21 coins this guy.But man this is a long winded video that is not telling anybody that's unfamiliar with the franchise what is really wrong with the match. And anyone who is already familiar with the franchise probably gets everything they need in just like the first two minutes.

"Game awful, EA Bad, Use hashtag to reach out to NFL".I see the madden games as highly derivative. I dislike micro-transactions. Why is this specific madden so much worse than the preceding years which are also highly derivative and also have micro-transactions? 10 minutes in and I did not get a satisfactory reply to that fundamental question. I love video games. I know frustration. But , give examples and be concise in videos such as these.

Not like this is going to change anything in EA but at least I would not have wasted 5 minutes of my entire life.Yeah, the other issue is the fact that it is unclear who exactly would do a much better job. 2K is the only other publisher performing sports games at  this scale, and they arguably have an even more predatory MTX system baked even deeper into their NBA games.

That is frankly an issue with the buy Mut 21 coins entire business of sports matches. The turnaround necessary to earn a game every season is much more unsustainable now than it ever was. MTX are being adopted by a large percentage of the  layerbase, which makes it rather hard for developers to justify not including them.