Ghostbusters equipment is returning to RL Items Rocket League. With Halloween just around the nook, items stimulated by way of the 80s traditional are coming again to the game for its Haunted Hallows occasion, which begins later these days.

Completing in-sport challenges will offer players access to an entire collection of Ghostbuster-themed objects, from ectoplasmic boosts to a topper primarily based on the famous slimer. If you're glad to drop a few actual coins to your cosmetics, you may also buy items from preceding crossovers, which include the Ecto-1 automobile.

There's even a whole suite of items based totally around the Stay Puft Marshmallow guy, from an intimidating purpose explosion to wheels emblazoned with a especially obese-looking take on the fluffy monstrosity. Even in case you're not a Ghostbusters fan, you could earn Golden Pumpkins at some stage in the event, which you can use to Rocket League Items Shop grab some choose now not-so-spooky items.