All metals have the genetic property of expanding on heating and shrinking on cooling. Copper has a unique combination of tensile strength and high ductility, making it ideal for wiring. Therefore, copper is used as a power transmitter in various industries for various purposes.

It has always been connected to our daily lives in various ways and uses. Copper wires are primarily used for electrical purposes, including power transmission and generation, building wiring, telecommunications, and more. With its versatile properties, it is able to produce many products that are in high demand in the market.

In the electrical field, copper wire is used to make connectors that are known for their good electrical conductivity and non-expansion. There are many kinds of copper wire: bare copper wire, copper enameled wire, and copper enameled rectangular wire. Indeed, it is a flexible electrical conductor that can be used to build wire systems, the most efficient, strong, and reliable metal available today.