Both games are great. I say all of this as someone who played a whole lot of RuneScape gold, was comp'd, and did all of its content. Frankly the main reason I changed is because I felt taken advantage of. I was getting very frustrated with all the guaranteed updates at RuneFest getting delayed and finally shelved. I had been getting very frustrated playing out of a period where we got four game updates per month, to two game updates per month, to one match upgrade a month, to just ninja fixes in a month with purposeful game updates once every 3 months. It seems really bad to play a game in which the devs are suspicious about exactly what the expectations should be, and how that gets perpetuated for years now.

I know Jagex is also accountable for OSRS, so it feels a little weird saying"I left Jagex's RS3 for Jagex's OSRS due to Jagex." However, the OSRS dev team can offer realistic expectations for upgrades, doesn't miss deadlines, and is plugged in to the community. There aren't many large upgrades, but they constantly are large hits: CoX, ToB, Inferno, MM2, DS2, Prif, etc. like that I do not mind only getting one or two large updates per year, and some tiny ones such as mahogany houses peppered in here and there otherwise.

All game developers"miss" some form of"deadlines" because job plans change frequently within this business. By way of instance, The OSRS quest A Kingdom Divided was initially intended to be published this year but is now delayed to"the first half of 2021". Do not say OSRS does not miss deadlines. Yeah. A worldwide pandemic occurred. Find me another example from when there wasn't a worldwide pandemic? Significant thing is it had been communicated too. You're right that it happens frequently in the market, but it happens an undesirable amount in RS3.

There's a laundry list of all RS3 updates that were postponed, trashed, etc. crossing back over the previous five years... that frankly I am sure is better outlined by an existing post on this subreddit. They tend to just not convey these items too. It is a huge point of frustration for your playerbase. It is a literal meme on this subreddit. This doesn't even factor in how upgrades that DO get released often times leave players believing"was this tested in any way?" (example: ripper demon familiars, omegalul).

Again, I was a comp had RS3 participant. I still enjoy the sport. This isn't an OSRS vs RS3 position, this is merely a"RS3 continually fucks up their upgrade program and Best OSRS Gold site it's incredibly upsetting" stance.