NBA 2K21 Demo (Download Links, General Discussion, Feedback)

Have thoughtful feedback? Reply here. I'll take care of buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins this as 2K21 Feedback/Wishlist Twist 0. Just downloaded, I suppose they are only recycling comment from 2k20? Cause if I must listen to the exact same stuff it is a legit deal breaker for me. I also played the all star Lakers team and that wasn't Kobe. I know it's a demo, so maybe the game will probably be more realistic and they will have new commentary.

Why does a grim green sf possess such shit stats. A pure yellowish gets exactly the same 3 ball at the same height and the BG one can not even get contacts off rip. SFs are so bad in this game even tho in the NBA they're great. Does anybody know if timing your shot x and having no shot meter is going to be the same as using the expert stick? Or will the ace stick having a shooting edge over timed without a meter?

Hating the new shot stick. I like that they give extra options. I know alot of folks who sucked at timing shots are enjoying the pro stick. However, I don't beg na be penalized because I like shooting another way better. Pro Stick planning will get an edge, but you can use the older button time. Only a few of annoyances/issues(Xbox One X): Please fix it so that if pressing X to shoot, the ball does not always hit rim no matter how far away you shoot from. We need to observe the realistic and anticipated brief, to the side, over the hoop airballs and hard off the backboard shots from space. Obviously it must take into account the participant that's shooting shooting's ability and distance from the basket.

Shooting ranges and shooting cartoons used at every space only have to be given better attention to detail and be more realistic, as do the results of these shots at these distances.Animations utilized to celebrate good and green shots need to be realistic to the player making the shot. What's Kawhi doing such weird parties such as? Pressing RT to sprint whenever you have the ball frequently fails to activate/is unresponsive.

Holding right thumbstick upward and moving in a direction to signature size up will maintain your character moving in the direction you were initially traveling even if you change direction of the left thumbstick (i.e. even to the opposite side of the place you initially did; initially held left thumbstick upward, size up with right thumbstick up, then hold left thumbstick down ). Using the correct thumbstick for putbacks is not working. Definitely need a better tutorial for your new shooting mechanic and maybe more information onscreen to Buy NBA 2K21 MT also include release timing.